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Monitoring IT services and systems is standard practice at Affinity IT.

On everything except our entry level support agreements we monitor elements of our customers IT.  This can simply be your website but can scale up all the way through to all key equipment on our customers sites around the clock, literally 24x7x365.

This advanced monitoring system alerts us, even logging a call with our helpdesk, should anything seem out of the ordinary.  The long and short of it for our customers is that much of the time we pick up on an issue and put it right before it becomes a problem.  Quite often the first our customers know about it is when we courtesy call them to say "All Done"!



IT Support / Managed Services

Based in Sheffield, Affinity provides IT Support Services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our Proactive IT Support and Reactive IT Support Services are client focused and our systems are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding scenario. ... read more


We understand that IT requirements vary greatly based on a company´s sector, size, location, needs and aspirations. Our IT consultancy team have seen and done it all before! ... read more


Server Solutions of all shapes and sizes have been the staple diet of Affinity since its inception in 2006. ... read more


Monitoring IT services and systems is standard practice at Affinity IT. ... read more

Hardware and Software

Affinity has access to great deals on over 60,000 items from leading brands in the UK. ... read more

Internet Backups

As a Mozy Silver Partner, Affinity is ideally placed to help customers to keep up with their growing backup needs through effective use of Mozy Pro. ... read more

Cloud Services and Hosting

Cloud services are not a new phenomenon but it´s starting to reach the masses, it is here and here to stay. Affinity offers a range of cloud computing solutions that may match your business needs. ... read more


Off the Shelf and Bespoke Sharepoint Solutions in conjunction with our trusted parter. ... read more