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PC's for Charity Donations Update

Following on from the success of our donations of PC's to local charities in 2019 where we helped 10 charities, we set ourselves a target of 20 charities for 2020.

Firstly we'd like to thank Affinity's clients who have donated PC's for us to pass on, so without them we wouldn't be able to do this.

Their genourosity has enabled us to help 5 charities so far and another 3 in the next 2 weeks, which means we'll have helped 8 charities in the first quarter of 2020.

The charities we have helped in 2020 are:

Paces Sheffield
Cavendish Cancer Care
Nomad Opening Doors
When You Wish Upon A Star
Support Dogs

Fran Ferris-Ockwell CEO of Nomad said "We’re really grateful for the laptops, they’ll be a huge help to us. The team are fighting over how we should use them! We have a lot of clients who struggle to get online for job applications, online training, and to deal with their benefits, so I think we’ll use them to help people break down that barrier to work."

If you aren't aware of our scheme we help charities of all sizes and usually donate 2 used PC’s per charity so that we can share out what we have.

If you are a charity local to us reading this and would like to register to go onto our waiting list then then you can contact Tom Jackson via email or on 0114 362 7000.

This article was first published : 12.3.2020