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Disaster Recovery - An Integral Part of Business Strategy

Businesses are inevitably reliant upon the data stored on their PC´s and Servers, and upon the continued availability of services such as telephones and network links.

The process of protecting the business from the unavailability of such a service or data source is known by a number of names including Business Continuity Management or more commonly Disaster Recovery.

They do have one common aim however and that is to enable the company to either maintain service or recover from a disaster in the minimum amount of time with minimum cost and disruption to the business. In a recent study by the research and advisory organisation Gartner, it was found that:

  • 80% of small businesses that suffer a reasonable disaster subsequently go out of business
  • 70% of these are due to data loss
  • 42% of data is lost due to hardware failure
  • 30% is due to hardware error
  • 13% is due to software corruption
  • 7% is due to viruses.

On the positive side, businesses do have plenty of options available to them. Even a simple and inexpensive safeguard against data loss, such as copying fi les to either a tape, CD or DVD, can be ample but many small and medium-sized businesses ignore disaster recover as a luxury that they will ‘get around to looking at’.

A disaster can come in many forms, strike anywhere and without warning, any business should give their means of recovery due consideration from day one.

This article was first published : 17.12.2006