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Choosing the Right Software

When it comes to buying software for your business, it can be both complicated and confusing.

There are so many options, add-ons and features, it’s easy to find yourself drowning in information when all you need is a piece of software to do a simple job. That said, if you break the task down into manageable chunks, you can make the task a lot simpler and make sure you get the right software for you and the business.

Evaluate the features you need and what you can afford to pay, then you can determine which software is best suited to your requirement. Be sure to find a piece of software that meets your needs, don’t change your needs to suit the software. You need the right tool for the job, not vice versa!

Most businesses will already have a suite such as Microsoft Office installed giving them functions such as e-mail clients, calendars, and word-processing applications.
However, you will eventually find a need for other more specialised software for functions such as personnel, accounts or engineering.

Easy integration, familiarity and cost effectiveness sees many businesses to stick with the offerings from the more familiar developers such as Microsoft or Oracle.
Once thing me to be particularly aware of when choosing a piece of software, is it’s hardware requirements. Namely, how much disk space it needs, how much memory it will use, what software it can co-exist with and/or interact with, as some software will actually only work with certain versions of particular software.

The final piece of advice is to make sure that you are legally licensed. This might mean checking how you are licensed for the particular product and that you are not using it on too many computers for example.

This article was first published : 14.9.2012