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BLOG: Windows 2008 Server End of Life

Why you need to upgrade before January 14th, 2020

The deadline has been set. Microsoft will no longer support Windows 2008 server after Jan 14th next year. You really need to upgrade now to be ready, here we are going to explain why you should and what you can do instead.

You could lose everything!
As Microsoft ceases to support it, Windows 2008 server will lose security updates.

This will leave your data open to attack from hackers. Without Microsoft support, there could be other issues with the lack of updates. This means that it could become unstable and you could lose data.

Any vulnerabilities in the system will go unnoticed and so therefore unpatched. This means it will leave an open door to your system for hackers to enter through.

You miss out on new improvements
If the stick is not reason enough to upgrade your system, then how about the carrot? There are lots of new improvements to Windows server software. Below we talk about your alternatives.

A more unified management system and better storage integration are things you may not have on windows server 2008.

Enhanced windows defender and Dynamic access control are two security measures not available in Windows 2008 server. There are many more such upgrades waiting for you.

So, what can you do?
You can upgrade! You have the choice of moving to a later version of Windows Server, Office 365 or migrating to Azure.

The server option could mean staying on-site with an updated server system or even hosting your own server in one of our partner datacentres. Migrating to Azure means moving towards a cloud-based computing system.

This will have some great advantages for collaboration and working away from the office. You will also have some advanced backup tools.

If this all seems a bit daunting, then please talk to us here at Affinity IT, we really do want to help you make the progression.

This article was first published : 14.10.2019