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Affinity Working Update - 24th March 2020

Following our update of last Tuesday, and subsequently the government's announcement last night about 'lockdown', here's our update as to how we're working with clients to make sure that they can continue to work where necessary.

Staff wise we are still at full strength with the majority of our team working from home, however everyone is accessible and available as per usual. We are experiencing immense call volumes so you may find that you are waiting for longer than normal to speak to an engineer but please be patient.

In the first instance, as usual, you can contact the IT support team on 0114 362 7000 option 1 or it’s option 2 for the sales team.

We're also actively using Teams to hold video meetings so the team are all available.

You too can use Teams and we can check if you are set up for Teams as part of your Office 365 subscription and there's also the opportunity for us to train your team on Teams and Office 365, click here for more details.

Finally we've taken the decision to postpone our upcoming workshop and training sessions, taking place on the 23rd April and 28th May respectively, we'll obviously bring you more details as and when we re-arrange them.

As you can see, service delivery is up and running and as normal as we all can be in the current environment whilst evolving to the circumstances.

So please do stay safe and make sure you look out for each other!

This article was first published : 24.3.2020